UNIX Mail Additions

Vmail incorporates the following UNIX-like mail functions: you can switch to EDIT mode via a special key sequence when entering mail messages; define and append a signature file to each mail message sent; suspend the Vmail session while running another process; and include a copy of a mail message or external file in the message being sent.

Full Mail Folder Support

Vmail provides a virtually unlimited number of mail folders to ease the management of mail data. Folder names may contain up to 39 characters. In addition, the special folder names of MAIL, NEWMAIL, and WASTEBASKET are supported. For added customization, Vmail lets you redefine the WASTEBASKET folder name.

Line Editing and Command History

You save time with OpenVMS-like line editing and command history features. Vmail lets you recall, examine, and edit previous commands, thus eliminating unnecessary retyping.

User-Defined Keypad Functions

Vmail lets you issue frequently used commands with a single keystroke. A user-specific initialization file will allow automatic definition of keypad functions each time Vmail is used.

On-line OpenVMS-style Help

Full screen, on-line documentation of all Vmail commands is provided. Users may customize existing help screens or add new ones for general or site-specific information.