Logical and Symbol Expressions

With VCL, you can define your own commands. Complete logical name and symbol substitution is available. Symbols let you manipulate strings and numbers using OpenVMS-like expressions. Additionally, logicals and symbols provide you with simplified file specifications and command syntax.

Shared Logical Tables

With VCL on UNIX, logicals defined in the LNM$GROUP and LNM$SYSTEM tables can be shared between VCL processes, and will remain present until the system is re-booted.

Additional VCL Features

VCL has two additional features that help ease the migration from OpenVMS to UNIX or MS-DOS: the TEACH command and PASSTHRU mode. With TEACH, you can learn UNIX or MS-DOS from a familiar environment by displaying the UNIX or MS-DOS equivalents of the OpenVMS commands entered. PASSTHRU lets you access UNIX or MS-DOS commands while running VCL.

On-line OpenVMS-style Help

A comprehensive set of over 200 help screens covers every VCL feature. You can customize existing help screens or add new ones for general or site-specific information.