Digital Command Language for Windows and UNIX.

Emulates Digital's Command Language

VCL is a OpenVMS emulator for Windows, Linux, and UNIX operating systems that emulates the Digital Command Language (DCL). VCL lets you continue using familiar OpenVMS commands as you move from OpenVMS to Windows or Linux and other UNIX environments.

All Popular OpenVMS Commands and Utilities

VCL provides over 50 commands and utilities with over 300 qualifiers. You can include system commands, program data, logical expressions, lexicals, and interactive user prompts in VCL command files. VCL supports complete OpenVMS file specifications, including directory and sub-directory specifications.

Command Line Editing and Command History

You save time with OpenVMS-like line editing and command history features. Previously entered commands can be recalled, examined, and edited, thus eliminating unnecessary retyping.

Year 2000 Product Compliance Statement