OpenVMS-Style Backup for UNIX and Linux

Vbackup translates files and their attributes to a unified format that OpenVMS BACKUP, RSTS/E BACKUP, and Vbackup running on any system can read. Because of Vbackup's portable data format, Vbackup provides a way to transfer files and filesystems across OpenVMS, RSTS/E, and heterogeneous UNIX and Linux platforms.

Full System Backup

Systems can run in normal multi-user mode while Vbackup performs a full system backup. Vbackup locks files against multiple write access, and detects and warns of potential inconsistencies if other processes override locks. Vbackup saves and restores all standard and many non standard UNIX file types and characteristics, including hard and soft links, sparse files, file ownership and protection, access and modification times, AIX trusted computing base attribute, special files, and FIFOs.

Year 2000 Product Compliance Statement

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