Supported Systems

EDT+ supports WindowsNT, Windows95, Windows98, Windows2000, most UNIX systems, Linux, MS-DOS systems including laptops, most keyboards including the enhanced 101 and DEC LK250, UNIX terminals and system consoles. In addition to the standard EDT interface, EDT+ provides a user-definable editing interface that will accommodate the editing needs of most users.

User Defined Keys and Macros

Commonly used or advanced key sequences can be composed into one or two keystrokes. With the EDT+ macro language, you can perform advanced editing operations and automate time-consuming procedures.

On-line Help

A comprehensive set of over 200 help screens covers every EDT+ command. As you customize your editing environment, you can easily add new help screens, or modify existing ones with general or specific information.

Disaster Recovery

EDT+ provides recovery from disaster with a journal facility that lets you replay an entire editing session interrupted by a power failure or system crash. During an editing session, EDT+ provides you with three methods of recovering from bad edits: the undelete facility recovers the last character, word, or line deleted; the UNDO command lets you undo a series of previous edits; and the /QUERY option prompts you before the executed command continues.

Download an evaluation copy of EDT+ for Windows.

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