Year 2000 Product Compliance Statement

Boston Business Computing has made every effort to ensure
that its software, starting with the versions listed below,
will function properly in the year 2000 and beyond.

However, Boston Business Computing cannot and does not
warrant that Boston Business Computing's Software Product
will be unaffected by it. Boston Business Computing's
software is dependent on your computer's operating system
for date-based reporting. Because of this dependency, the
operating system must be Year 2000 compliant to avoid the
transfer of inaccurate dates to the software.

In the unlikely event of year 2000 problems, Boston Business
Computing will make fixes available to its maintenance
customers free of charge and to all other customers at
standard upgrade prices.

This representation does not affect or in any way diminish
the original warranty.

Compliant Versions

EDT+ Version 7.25
VCL Version 3.62
Vmail Version 1.39
Vbackup Version 3.10